Mindfulness Daily

Mindfulness is a psychological process that can be described as a state of mind of enhanced openness and awareness of internal (e.g., tightness in your neck) and external (e.g., a beautiful sight) experiences. Traditional meditative practices can cultivate this psychological process. However, not everybody has the time or resources to join a meditation retreat or being taught how to develop this skill. This App, initiated and developed by Inward Inc, in consultation with the lab, translated this complex psychological process into a series of “mindful pauses” designed to incrementally shape up this skill. Our lab contributed to develop content and the application of specific behavioral principles to enhance retention of mindfulness practice. In an independent heuristic analysis of 700 available mindfulness apps by Many et al. (2015), this app ranked number #3, right below Headspace and Smiling Mind, and sharing a 3rd rank with iMindfulness.

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