PainTracker Self-Management (PTSM) is the result of a Pfizer-funded project led by Mark Sullivan, MD at the University of Washington. Collaborators included Pamela Davis, ARNP, and Kevin Vowles, PhD, at the University of New Mexico. In this project we created a set of modules designed to help people with chronic pain. Our four modules introduced a novel set of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy metaphors and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy skills designed to enhance face-to-face contact with a nurse practitioner and improve chronic pain outcomes. These modules mirrored the storytelling and visual approach to digital delivery of skills used in Learn to Quit. Results from a recently completed pilot randomized controlled trial provide preliminary evidence that PTSM, in combination with nurse or social worker phone coaching, is effective at improving pain self-efficacy, activity engagement, pain intensity and interference, and treatment satisfaction in specialty clinic patients with chronic pain.

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