Learn to Quit

While the rates of smoking have decreased in the general population over the last 50 years, up to 80% of people with serious mental illness are still smokers. This drastically underserved population, whose mental and behavioral diagnoses range from schizophrenia to chronic major depression, is estimated to smoke 45% of all cigarettes consumed in the United States, while only comprising about 3% of the population. Sadly, there are very few programs designed to address the very specific mental, physical and emotional factors that contribute to smoking in this population. In response to this disparity, our lab designed Learn to Quit (LTQ), a smoking cessation application that gradually delivers behavioral skills to users with mental illness to overcome urges to smoke and pursue their personal values. In a series of case studies, Learn to Quit showed promising usability and user engagement in this patient population. The app won two industry awards: the 2016 SILVER Davey Award for Best Mobile App Health & Wellness, and the 2016 SILVER Davey Award in the same category.

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